You look wonderful! You look very calm and collected. Good luck later today/tonight.

Good luck!!! Here's to the safe arrival of a new little being. What joy you are in store for

Simply thrilling! Family photo time soon.

Omg! You look enviably stylish for this point...or any point! Hope it's all going well.

Such exciting news, looking forward to your next announcement. DV you have maintained your gorgeous style from beginning until end of your pregnancy.

You look amazing, as usual. Stylish to the end. Looking forward to your next post!

You look amazing! Can't wait to see your baby!

You are so calm and collected! You look beautiful, stylish and radiant. Mood luck! Wishing you a healthy and fast delivery, and beautiful, healthy baby!

You look radiant! Good luck with the baby!

You look gorgeous, as always. Can't wait to see pics of your new little sweetheart.

So happy for you, DV! Best wishes and easy labor to you! You look amazing, and your baby will be blessed to have such a warm, intelligent and beautiful Mama!

Best wishes to you DV. You look beautiful!

You look wonderful! Wishing you an easy labor day!

Oh you look so lovely!

We look forward to your next post about your special delivery! SQUEE!!

Oh wow Day Vies! So excited for you! Looking fab all the way to the finish line! Best wishes for a smooth delivery. My DD also started labor on her due date (though she came the next day). Can't wait to meet little DV and see her very first WIW! Hugs and happy thoughts headed your way! Stay strong mama!

What a beautiful Mama you will be! So excited for you!

Good luck! You can tell her that her mama looked very chic until the last moment!:)

Best of luck DV!!!

I love how you make your old favourites fit I can't wait to meet your new baby!

My sister arrived precicely on time, like my mother likes to remind me often; and I arrived three years late. Haha.

Thinking of you, Day Vies! Best wishes to you and your little family

You have looked fabulous through the entire 9 months -- I hope she had a safe and timely arrival :).