This week has been super exciting here, as we are having a whole block of days in the lower 60's (F). While this isn't extreme, this is the weather when Floridians break out the hats and scarves! Seriously, if you didn't see the palm trees in background, you might get disoriented for a second and think you were in Canada. I decided it was a perfect day to try Angie's warming up a dress idea. If I'm completely honest, I'm not in love with this first try. It is very "me" - comfy and low contrast - but it is still skewing more youthful in a way that I've been trying to pull away from. I certainly enjoyed wearing this today, but I'm more excited about trying these pieces each without the others. The dress will actually be wonderful on its own with leggings (too short to wear without). It is shapeless (IRL it is less purple and more burgundy than the photos show) has really cool sleeves and up until now, I've always worn it with a belt like a tunic. I do love my new CAbi sweater, but I'd like to try it with a cool shirt and jeans next time - make it a little more modern and grown up. I still love my boots, but I'd like to try them with my white jeans next! (It is also not lost on me that this is the ever controversial brown boots with black leggings combo, but I have been happily and cluelessly wearing it for a couple if years...) The one thing that I do like best about this outfit is the complicated color combination and the mulittude of textures.

The second outfit is what I wore yesterday. I'm having trouble getting photos from a good angle. The proportions are truly much better in real life. I was also disappointed that at despite having pressed my new thrifted J.Crew top, it looks more rumpled than I intended (I didn't realize the collar was that way until it was too late). I really liked that this white top was broken up a little by the faint color of the collar and pleats. I am loving my burgundy Loft sweater. It goes with everything, and has just enough purple to keep it from being too red. The biggest surprise of all for me has been how much I love my new CAbi faux leather leggings. I didn't think I could pull them off - too much attention drawn to my legs - but they work with nearly everything I own. I could easily wear them 4 days per week! They have probably been my most worn item of clothing these days. And of course, I'm loving my new Vince Camuto booties.

The last pic is purely for fun. We had one extremely rare evening close to Thanksgiving, when all of the cousins were together (from my side of the family). I didn't want to post full photos without permission from their parents, but I thought it was fun to crop them into a collage that shows the incredible beauty and diversity of these sweeties!

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