I like this, very pretty way to wear olive with the pink. I prefer the flats but do think the pumps look pretty too. Love that top - your sewing skills are just fab!

Perfection! Both shoes work well, although the pumps do push it up a notch in the prettiness factor.

STUNNING! I love this outfit so very much, especially with the pumps (although the flats are lovely too). Every element is simply perfect.

You nailed this look. It's the perfect transitional outfit. And I have no shoe preference, I like both with this look.

These colors are made for you. I love the blush and the metallics with the earthy pants-this looks chic and reminds me of the gleam from rocks or minerals in a desert. So beautiful.

I'm rarely drawn to blush (one of my worst colors) but your outfit makes me a bit wistful for it!

Oh so pretty! I love this combination with the blush; the colors are so lovely on you and both shoes look fab.

Great outfit! I love the pattern on your shirt. I like it with both the pumps and the flats, but if I had to pick one, I like the pumps better.

Love this! I'm all about the hardness of the utility pants mixed with the softness of the light and floral top. I would wear this outfit in a heart beat.

Firecracker, thanks for the tips on the pumps. I'm glad to know about the brand and will try it for size so that I can jump on future finds. I'm also going to be be on the lookout for shoes in that color palette, and will definitely check out the block-heeled version you mention. I am really a flats girl, but there are occasions, and outfits, that really do require footwear with a bit of a heel...

This is the perfect answer to my wine earlier today about how to wear blush in the winter.


Fun to see you in dainty shoes, Sharan.

Ha! Fashiontern, glad to inspire you.
Angie, I do have my dainty shoe moments! He hee. They certainly help put the "pretty" in this look.