I like both versions, the kimono topper is a nice change from a cardigan or blazer.

Alright, I must have a kimono topper. You look fab.

The details are absolute perfection.

You look so divine- just perfect.

You look gorgeous – the dress fits you like a dream and I love the architectural shape of the kimono... excellent, as usual.

You look absolutely amazing, Suz! I also love both versions.

Sublime. Love the rendition with the kimono and bag.

I love this-- I think this is working towards the minimalist yet arty look you've been seeking since YLF-- at least that is what it says to me. It says you have style and an eye and like lines and graphic but subtle patterns. Nice pattern mixing, go Suz!

Just gorgeous! Wish those dresses had lower necklines but for you long necked gals it's perfect.