Well, I have NOT found a permanent job, but I *did* manage to get myself moved to another department with a better reputation for hiring their temps in a timely manner. Sigh, baby steps... this is why I've been scarce on the forum lately, btw.

1-3 are what I wore this week while training the temp who will take my place when I go to the other department. She didn't actually show up on day one, but I had wanted to look somewhat authoritative but still approachable. The next two days my goal was the same, but with a little pinch of I-want-to-be-spunky-while-I-can-in-case-the-new-department-frowns-on-spunk thrown in.

4-5 are leftovers from last week that never got posted - look, I finally got around to pairing red and blue!

6 is physical evidence that I cannot trust the boy to tell me if my outfit looks good. I didn't want to post this one, but a perverse side of me thinks public shame will reinforce my sartorial edification. -_-

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