Isn't it strange how clutter can bring on anxiety? Your exercise has given me an insight into what clutter is - it's not merely extraneous bits and pieces, it's non-functional stuff. Or did everyone know that but me?

Anyways: I want that top.

Ummm, not sure why you're having fits of self-consciousness about your body because you look stunning! Honestly, if you say you have put on a few I take your word for it but never in my life would I have guessed that from these pictures. You look great as always.

A very impressive self caring solution and such quick action... Couldn't be more thrilled for you! Love this look! You are a strong woman!

Fab outfit, fab grandma & fab you

Fab grandma is right Caro - I swear that most of my valuable life lessons I learned from her

Thank you all for the outfit love and the kind words. I do feel more like me today. And that is in no small part to the boost of confidence you have given me - thank you.

Rachy - as I'm getting older, I find too much "stuff" just makes me I'm now being pressured to do something with it. I think this is what is leading me to a desire for less.

Angie - only way out is through - must remember that

I'm following along with empathy and hope that we both come out the other end in one piece

Shannon, I want to give you about a thousand hugs, because once again, you are absolutely an inspiration and a role model

I am pretty sure that many of us have found ourselves in exactly that same place, and state of mind - surrounded by clothing that no longer fits as it did, and full of negative things that we say to ourselves. For my part, I have been in that place many, many times. I cannot tell you how greatly I admire your optimism, your pluck, and your determination to be in control, and not allow negative feelings to continue to overwhelm you!

Whether you realize it or not, this WIW is really a shining beacon to every one of us who has ever found ourselves (or will find ourselves), in that moment of despair, because you have given us a solid and concrete example of what it means to take control, and to love yourself unconditionally.

You are so beautiful and so fierce, and that means so much more than a number on a tag. Thank you xoxoxo