You look fantastic as always, and meetups are so much fun! It really is like meeting your favorite celebrities.

I absolutely love the colors in that tunic.

Yes, Una, it is a bit like meeting celebs! We are our own little celebrity universe.

I wish everyone could have seen the too-cool-for-school sales staff at one of the boutiques sit up and take notice when Sharan added one of their belts to her outfit.

Such an effortless, chic, outfit, Sharan, And that green jacket is so perfect on you.

Another great Portland look. You lot must have been so stylish. Nice colour palette here Firecracker!!

You look so stunning. What a fabulous tunic.

You look great in that moto!!! Dang, now I want one too.

I copied that moto from Firecracker right after she bought it because it was so amazing on her, but got a blue/teal one.

Ha, Cerinda!

Angie, wish you could have been there with us!

UmmLila, I had forgotten that! Denise, I think you probably need the AllSaints moto. They don't have the exact one now, but they have similar ones, and I think they still have my color and UmmLila's blue, which if I'm not mistaken, was called "petrol."

Sounds fun!
Love the outfit. Amazing shirt and jacket.

Tunic and everything else are fabulous. Glad you had a great meetup!

Sharan, you can do no wrong. You look amazing!

Sharan, it was such a pleasure to meet you! And I can attest to the beautiful craftsmanship of her top but what really struck me was her incredible eye for color (the glasses, your top, your jacket and hair were just gorgeous all together)! I hope to see you again and maybe Seattle next time.