This week, I defaulted to my winter uniform of jeans, sweater or warm top and booties. I've been scrambling to do a lot of stuff this week, as we are still celebrating Christmas (!), and stuff needed to be done at home after our trip. Once I can plan more, I hope to vary my silhouette a bit by adding skirts, dresses and blazers/knit toppers. This is my FFBO, and I have achieved some variety of shape and color with it this week, at least.

Unsurprisingly, Boden features heavily, but there's a surprise appearance from H&M.

1. Boden T-neck and Democracy jeans (aka Wit & Wisdom, but from Amazon). Born boots. A different color palette for me. I have this t-neck in two colors and it's about as thick and warm as a sweater. I was tired in this picture and I look it.

2. H&M top, Wit & Wisdom jeans, Naturalizer booties. The boots are showstoppers. Just gorgeous. I'm into all the bright stripes right now, and this top is VERY nice for the price I paid. (<$20)

3, 4, 5. Boden sweater, AT jeans, and Born booties. Also, I'm wearing a necklace that my husband gave me for Christmas. He likes to go to the holiday market and buy directly for me from artisans. My choice here to wear muted Christmas colors reflects that we're having a belated Christmas celebration with my BIL, SIL and niece tonight.

6,7. This is a K/R but my impulse to is to return, actually. This is a nice sweater but maybe a bit too girly for my current taste. Angie said this sweater was good on wider shoulders. I certainly don't have wide shoulders, so that may be part of why I'm not feeling it. It's probably not the most flattering thing on me. I post this in case anyone is interested in this item. I got it from Nordstrom, though it's Boden.

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