Robin, it's an easy one to make! The pattern's design and directions are fantastic.

Beautiful! Can you tell me a little bit about the sneakers? Do you wear any socks/footies with them? Are they comfy? Is that V-shape cut out in the back easy on your ankle? They look fantastic---

Laurel, the sneakers aren't as comfy as I'd hoped. They are rubbing my heels, and I'm trying to break them in. They feel excellent when I'm standing still. The V cut-out makes it easy to put the sneakers on; since they don't have a zipper, I'd have to unlace them very far if not for the V. So, mixed review; I'm hoping they break in!

Thanks for the feedback---they look like they might be problematic for MY feet/ankles from the photo, but I wanted to see if there was something in the interior which would cushion that heel/achilles area. My feet/ankles are super tender in that area, and I usually have to go with a very low cut back to the shoe to avoid blisters/rubbing.