It is so true -- there is nothing like black (or maybe darkest ink) for instant chic. I will never rule it entirely out of my closet, for that reason alone!

Brooklyn, it would be really interesting to do the colour analysis, although honestly, a lot of the people who do it are half crazy, in my opinion, and when they start preaching about near invisible distinctions and don't see colours in relation to one another, I tune out. I do think a general sense of whether warm or cool colours look best can be really helpful. Once I ruled "warm" out of my closet, it simplified my buying. I started looking for the cool colours that I liked best, and ignored those that don't appeal to me.

But with the grey hair, there are absolutely changes -- more black, white and grey (which I always wore, but I will wear more of, now). More reds. (Again, I have always loved red but don't wear it a lot). More deeper colours and fewer pale ones -- even chambray blue is "iffy" now, when it used to be the one pastel that really flattered. It's too "dirty" and light now and the combo is a bit deflating, I think.

Lisa, I think you are 100% right about the grey/ black issue in winter for me. It is all about feeling overwhelmed by all the grey around me. If I lived in the 'Peg with its bright sun and blue skies, I am absolutely sure I would want to "tone things down" a bit with sophisticated neutrals! As it is, I do wear a lot of navy and charcoal in winter and will probably wear even more of those now with the grey hair -- but I think I will also look even harder for bright scarves, coats, gloves, bags....

Interesting what you say about grey and your darker hair -- I felt exactly like that when I had red hair. I didn't like charcoal or black as much on me as I did with blonde hair. Suddenly, chocolate browns and all plums, purples, purply-pinks and aubergines (and greens) became intensely flattering.

That is why your outfit the other night was such genius. You had the greens and pinks that are so flattering to your hair, lips, skin, and eyes. You also had the black, but it "popped" against the white, making everything both soft and sharp -- a really nice combo.

What a great find! I love YLF inspiration!

The double layers are quite effective and the neckline is working beautifully -- spoken as someone who needs that extra bit of opening.

The shoes add some great modern polish -- tough to accomplish in the heat of summer!

So beautiful and such a classic style it looks lovely on you

B&w and silver work so well on you now. Love the proportions too.
And the top is great, a perfect Summer top : layer, pattern - it adds lots of pizzaz on its own.

Fantastic outfits i love, love it very very much

Your hair and outfit are sublime. Makes me want to cut all of mine off. I think the final piece in your already fabtastic style is in place! You have never looked better!

I'm really loving your outfits. Your hair has really uplifted your whole look. You looked great before...but now you look sensational.
I have never had my colours done but we shouted my mum once and the lady doing said I was the same as my. Mum. Like me she can wear black easily but she is 80 now and tends to wear grey or another colour with the black. I used to wear so much black my BIL called me the black widow. My mum suggested I could try pink again now my hair is I think hair colour does make a difference.

Wow! This looks smashing! It's perfect with your natural grey, and it looks great with the VC skirt.

Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning.

You look gorgeous and radiant. I want that top too!

Absolutely gorgeous! Yes would love to have a post on your reflections on colour changes....

Beautiful! Love the outfit and the hair.

Gorgeous! Cool and polished. You and Lisa both look great in that top. I love seeing the different styling, both equally as fab.

Stunning, Suz! I loved the top on Lisa when she posted it a while back and can see why you jumped on it too. This colour scheme is brilliant on you.

Stunning on you, Suz and so much better than the model photo. The overlay makes the outfit look polished even in a heatwave and may function as a third piece.

Wow. That's all I can say. White is stunning on you now with your silver hair.

You look beautiful! Love everything about this outfit! But your hair is really the star!

This outfit is just gorgeous. Perfection all around.

I also love reading your analysis of what colors you chose to wear. You seem to have really mastered this for yourself and are doing well at the transition you are going through. I need to learn much more about this. Maybe it's time for me to get my colors done although I'm a bit skeptical of people who do this sort of thing...some are very skilled and some are just going through the motions.

Love the idea of this type of combination for a warm event where you don't want to wear shorts.

I really must try one of those tube skirts. That one is sold out but there are others...