Great summer wardrobe. YLF!

Where I live, we have deep winter and very short, dark and cold days now. Looking at your breezy dresses, shorts and happy colours is a wonderful distraction.

What a great collection of outfits! Seems like you have all the bases covered from casual to a bit more dressy. I don’t love dressing for summer but you make it look easy.

Oh wow, well here we have photographic evidence that you should trust your instincts more often!

I'm glad to see that floral dress working out for you - you do really suit the colour & style Also the gold sandals are great - once you find good metallic footwear, there's no turning back lol! Have already stocked up on my next pair of gold sandals for once my current ones bite the dust - it makes getting dressed sooo much easier. Need to find backup gold flats next!

Thanks Joy, The Cat. Zaeobi and Janet!

I do love my summer wardrobe. Cool weather is mostly more utilitarian for me - which is okay - but not as fun!!

Oooh love the new gold sandals especially!

love your commitment to style despite the hot weather. All your outfits look fabulous. If I had to pick favourites, it would be the florals as they really spell summer. I also like how you have lots of colours in your wardrobe instead of the usual neutrals and manage to keep each outfit different but retain your sense of style. I do see the grown up Charlie's Angel theme more and more in your clothes.
With all this hot weather and the only activities being walking and swimming apart from hanging around the house, I have not been inspired to get out of my shorts, but I am determined to stay on the forum.

Thanks Suntiger - they definitely fill the hole I wanted filled ( elevated, comfortable, versatile).

Thanks Sally. I find summer dressing fun probably because I do like dresses and patterns and a range of colours. And boy yes - it’s been hot!