The first is so good it would be a challenge for any similar print to equal! The brightness is a little high beam but more problematic is the style of the print, less contemporary than the first.

Thanks for all the great insights, everyone!

I’m just clueing in to issues with the second dress... so I see it as more conventional, more pure pretty. It’s bright but also a less sophisticated print. Something like a leather bracelet cuff, brown sandals would add sophistication back into the look. I like the idea of it as a dress because that’s useful for summer wear...

Thanks, Rachylou. I have brown sandals which could work. Meanwhile, I have another dress made from this same pattern that I like to wear in summer, and which I like better than this one. So there's that, too--how much do I really want to make this new one work.

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I like the linen dress more too with your coloring. And I'm used to seeing you in softer colors. That said, at least to me, sometimes brighter colors feel right and sometimes muted colors do. When holding it against the rest of your wardrobe, does it fit in somewhere, or is it a one off?

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Suntiger, the second dress definitely looks like it belongs in another closet. Ha!

I admire your sewing skills and as a fan of bright summer florals, I give a thumbs up for each dress. The t shirt dress looks more casual to me and I see where you have been given some good suggestions for styling or changes, if you want to make them. I am wondering how you would like the dress, with a self tie belt? Or maybe patch pockets in a different print......stripes, perhaps? IMO the tshirt dress is a perfect piece for summer, so I suggest pausing before cutting it off. The bright print might grow on you. (hahaha, sorry. I couldn’t help myself.)

Thanks for the ideas, Mainelady. A belt might help the dress, yes. Not sure about patch pockets, but I do see what you mean, the idea of giving it a more quirky vibe maybe.

Nr 1 is outstanding(hair, too!!) and feels very unique! Fabric(yummy linen), pattern and color, cut, fit so you!! Nr 2 is a more common and casual dress-but think nothing wrong with it -just a bit outshined by nr 1!:-)