You have cozied up that navy dress beautifully! I wish I'd ordered that sweater.

That looks just lovely, Suz! I hope you kept cozy and warm. The grey tights are a brilliant way to lighten up the outfit a bit, even if you add your knee high boots. Nicely done!

This is a great look-- hope you stay warm. I'm committed to venturing into the world of winter skirts this year, I bought tights! I'm off to drop mine at the tailor tomorrow.

You look warm and cozy and fabulous! I love it.

We're about the same temp here today, and I ran out of the house without a coat at all -- and wearing a sleeveless knit top under a thin waterfall cardi.
I did run back in and get my coat, although I didn't put it on --- those driving commutes, ya know! At least I'm prepared if I get waylaid on the way home!

Love this sweater on you, Suz --- an interesting pattern, but in sophisitcated grey. I find sweaters like this so attractive and do wish I could wear them as well as you! I think the bit of shine in the boots is such a nice touch for winter, too!

Jumper over sweater... brilliant. I should make a list somewhere of ways to dress warm - i.e., ways that illuminate the general tip of "dress in layers." Un-snow people like me really have no idea what that means...

The sweater is gorgeous and a great addition to your wardrobe. I like the grey tights and have to get back to styling at least one skirt outfit during the week... Thanks for a wonderful inspirational reminder!

Very fun!
I'm trying to wear more of my gray tights, including some cabled warm ones. I've learned its very hard to wear gray with gray (tights + bottoms) because they are always off, not matching nor contrasting enough, so the double-color blocking is a good way to wear black skirt but still be cohesive.