I really like #1, and that with the styling and cut you took the tweed in an arty/avant garde rather than traditional direction. Also great to see green! #2 has good proportions too, and I like your print tees a lot, great details, where do you source fabric for them?

Thanks, Lyn, Jenn, and Rabbit!
Rabbit, I got the print tee fabric from Emmaonesock.com. The green tweed also came from there. Marcytilton.com is another of my online sources, and I saw she had the same landscape print knit recently.

Well of course these are amazing, and being able to make your own tweed jacket is a dream come true! Also, I love your hair length, maybe keep some of it in front when you get your trim?

What cool looks. The green is fab and unexpected, and the second is so classy with gorgeous style and proportions.

Love your way of interpreting the ensemble Sharan. YLF!

These outfits are so fantastic, the green tweed jacket is amazing on you, I love it very much, also I like #2 .