These are fantastic outfits & the thing that grabs my attention (apart from your gorgeous face) is how coherent your look has become. Of course I love that it has The white outfits are especially beautiful - simple, modern & relaxed. What a fab week

ETA: I love the sandals - I've ordered them & hope they will be replacements for my current grey ones which are getting very old

I love your style! You've given me such inspiration, on creating a capsule wardrobe and mixing different pieces together.

FAB outfits Suz! I am absolutely dying over #11. Just beautiful - and I WILL be copying it! I also am marveling over the architectural silhouette of #2. So very cool. All of these look just like you - absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! (That pink is gorgeous on you.)

Fab! How nice to see you not having to dress for snow . . . finally

What an amazing set of outfits Suz! I love the pops of bright pink, I love the dress, I love the skirt, I love you in white, your jackets are perfection, what am I missing? If you do nothing but repeat these outfits until the weather changes you would be set - but of course we would be happy to see any variations!

2& 3, 5& 6, 11 are faves but how to choose?
I don't quite get the proportions in10, but then, I struggle with styling cropped jackets. So glad you got the pink top and styled with olive. I would like to copy! Tube skirt is perfect on you.

These are all so fabulous, Suz. I started to pick my favorites and then it turned out to be just about every single one. What the heck - they are all my favorite!

Great week! Gotta say I do love the souvenir T and white bottoms! Just so much fun.

Did you feel as marvelous as you looked all week? I love your tube skirt with the kimono topper--so elegant! It's instructive to see well you remix your pieces. I'm also taking special note of how you style your high top sneakers, since you planted that seed in my mind. Finally, I'm just smitten with your Garden Party outfit. Thanks for posting these; it's a treat to look through them.

Wow. You looks so fabulous. Your look is just so put together.

Suz, your outfits are always so stylish and chic. Love you in the striped skirt. You're just such a cutie!

Great outfit! They are all fab but I especially like the white on white outfit. Soooo breezy and summery looking.

Suz, I love every outfit on you- you look happy and confident.And that pink j crew shirt looks fresh and fun on you;))

WOW. Amazing! Thanks for posting these works of art, Suz!

All of them are copycat worthy, but my absolute favorite has to be the one for dinner with Mr. Suz. Too awesome!

These are stellar, Suz. There is no fuss in any of these -- the lines are clean and polished, but there is plenty of interest and energy. The fits are modern and flattering, and every item is incredibly versatile. Brava!

Love all of these Suz - can't choose a favorite really because they are all spot on stylish and lovely on you in every way. Great inspiration!

Looking fantastic, Suz! I love all your make me realize how much I have been missing around YLF...been MIA for a long while:(