So pretty! The soft colors really suit you.

Beautiful! The colors and silhouette suit you so well. It's fun to step outside the box sometimes! You look fab and hope that you can conquer to static problem. I noticed that is a problem in dry desert climates (Vegas especially) and totally drives me nuts. Let us know what works!

Also I find silk-natural and poly to be the worst static offender, unfortunately I think its a balance between climate, fabric and washing-drying to mitigate it.

Pop the powder on your legs.

You look stunning in this, I really like it on you. It is so much fun to wear something a bit unusual. I wonder what is the fabric content? I never had clinging issues but I stay away from polyester.

Opaline, we may be the same vintage.

Karen, thank you. I will report back. It’s so dry here.

Brooklyn, thank you.

FashIntern, we all learn from someone else. If they never used it, you wouldn’t know.

Suntiger, thank you. We have low humidity year round, so it might be a problem.

Mainelady, thank you. I had never heard of those two things before. I’ll try them!

Torontogirl, thank you. I loved it the minute I saw it.

Aquamarine, thank you.

Kellygirl, thank you. It’s very dry here, so I hope I can solve the problem.

Suntiger, the dress is polyester and spandex. And dry clean. Why on earth? I’m going to hand wash instead.

Angie, thank you. I’ll put it on the grocery list.

Anchie, it’s polyester and spandex, not the best combo.

That's such a pretty print and you look fabulous in it!