Holy Cow! So glad you posted this --- and copied Sarah's ideas. At YLF copying is just creating more fabulousness!

The harems are comfy, practical, and really flattering on you. The mint top is cool and relaxed, but it looks a step up from a t-shirt. The jewelry is bold and clean, and the star of the show is your fabulous hair and pretty lippie.

You have a great eye and sense of personal style. Share more!

Angela, citron is a neutral and works with anything!

Beth Ann--Thank you for your kind words--I love these harem's so much that I am wearing them again today!

Angie--I'm so glad to hear that! Since it's my "new pet" I've been wearing it with everything!

Angela, you look spectacular in those harem pants. What a great outfit. Love your hair and your funky specs, too. Not to mention the vivid bag.

Suz--Thanks so much! These harem pants are the best.

Love this outfit and I can see why it made you feel spectacular. Every item you brought to it works to perfection. I say post away and copy away, the latter which I do often thanks to the creative minds at work here on this forum.

Vicki-I totally agree the ladies on YLF are the most creative crowd and so great to "be around" They are really an inspiration. Thanks!