Gosh nabit. You look good. That whole outfit and those jeans are soooo flattering.

This outfit is really on the money.

I adore every bit of this! That bag is KILLER! I always forget how much I love snakeskin and you have just reminded me of its fabulous-ness! And what a great thought pairing it with red! Love!

Looking so pretty! I like you in red.

Great outfit. I love a red jacket with jeans and the pairing of animal is perfect.

Shannon, you are a bundle of killer style no matter what. Really. You own your look. Glad you kept the bright blazer too.

(Thanks, Zap).

My kind of outfit. Sleek and sharp. It's great!

Wow, you are radiant in red! And like Day Vies, I saw the snakeskin working with the white--working with your skin--it's all so good! I too have been thinking about the idea of seeing the person first. I agree that it's not about a particular style or contrast level, but how those things work with your appearance and probably your personal energy. Something to shoot for!

My apologies for not getting back to my thread until now - crazy busy weekend.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I felt quite fab in this outfit and am learning that if I have good proportions and good fit in the outfit, I'm a happy gal!