You look wonderful in this outfit!!!

Love the semituck with skinnies.

More love here - YLF.

Love this combo! YLF

I am going to name you Mary Poppins because in this outfit you are Practically Perfect in Every Way!

Love it, Shannon! That is my favorite way to wear a scarf, too. Scarf-as-necklace is so much less fuss. Interested to see if the scarves catch on or if it will stay in the testing phase a while.

I would say that your venture into skinnies and scarves was a smashing success! You look amazing, even if you're still getting used to the look. Your Goodwill scarf plays equally well with your top and your coat-- this is the happy result of planning a color coordinated wardrobe.

Perfect in so many ways. I'm impressed by how well it goes with the red coat.

You look wonderful! The semi-tuck with skinnies is super flattering on you. Love how the clutch complements the whole thing.

Omg!!! So gorgeous!! Love every element and you look radiant!! Please come here and make me look as good as you do every day!!

Superb! Love this:)

Fab Shannon! You've got the proportions and colors working really well here. The retro side of you makes me want to suggest finding a BIG silk scarf (square!) and playing with that, too

Absolutely fantastic, Shannon. Did you already share the secret of the scarf?

MaryK - Mary Poppins - lol!

Rae - it will be interesting for me too to see if the scarf sticks around. Gotta say I really enjoyed wearing it today and didn't fuss once over it.

Aida - hmmm...big silk scarf? Well you just never know!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments

ETA: Una - I haven't yet. I can't find the tutorial again. I'll have to look some more.

Awesome, Shannon. I love the way you did you scarf. You look terrific in skinnies too!

Woot woot! These pics make me happy.

Just fabulous.
Your scarf tying is great. I have reached similar scarf aha's in that the filmy silk ones flap in the breeze when I'm striding from place to place, and require too much fussing--I need a soft heavy texture like thin wool or cotton that will not fly away, and a tie or drape that is higher up, not long floppy ends but not neck-strangling.

Shannon, you took my breath away in #4...stunning!

I so love the burgundy skinnies, and the drapey top w/ fab scarf is a perfect way to style them.

I tired of my scarves last spring, but I find myself interested again. Who knew?

In the words of Stacy London "SHUT UP"! You are beaming head to toe. Nicely done.

Yay for scarves and the semi tuck! YLF!

Don"t know how I missed this earlier. You look great! I love how you tied the scarf.