Thanks, smittie! I’m loving how my hair behaves in the SoCal air, but I could do with six or eight inches less of it. Top of the list once I’m fully vaccinated.

ZoeyGirl, try the cream if that’s what works with your routine! I use the serum because I do vitamin C in the mornings and then follow with a CC cream. I just don’t need the extra moisture.

Kellygirl, it’s funny how my style looks
so SoCal to everyone, because I still feel like kind of an odd (Midwestern) duck here.

Those are great sandals! I hope they break in well and give you many happy hours!

Lovely look and sandals and dress - and so so pleased that you can get out and about a bit too. Woop Woop Woop!!

Haaaaa, so true about feet not being used to shoes anymore! I've been wearing Birkenstocks at most, and when I wear my sneakers or boots to go for a walk, I have to wear two layers of socks to avoid blisters.

I'm sad to hear about Elizabeth Suzann. I've admired your system of buying a few high quality versatile things. I have too much wardrobe churn and indecisiveness to really make Elizabeth Suzann an option, but it was always my aspiration.

I love those shoes and you wear them well. I wish that brand were available here.

Outfit looks great and your hair too! If I had your climate I'd own no shoes but sandals

Great sandals! A slam dunk for your style.

Good luck breaking your feet in again.I sympathize. My feet seem messed up after this year too, though it's not the callouses so much as structural, I think. Meh.

Jenn, you look super fab! I love this simple, relaxed chic look that is so you. The black and tan shades are great on you, and part of your signature style. Love the new sandals, and your long hair is beautiful!