I don't have much time to comment but I just had to join the chorus about the fab-ness of #3 and #4. Those culottes are amazing on you!!

Wow - all fab! I love the skirt and sweater outfit the best, the skirt color, matching the boots and the proportions and fluitidy are amazing!

pic 4 long gillet answers my forum post on availability of fashionable long bodywarmers. Jeans look good either way rolled. But then, everything looks good on you!

Gorgeous looks sveta! I love them all. I have a serious case of khaki culotte lust for spring '15

I'm speechless! Stunning and gorgeous each and every outfit!

SVETA!!! (yes, I am screaming here: with delight!!!) You are taking my breath away, wow, such fantastic outfits!!

- I think the sweater over the skirt works wonderfully (am taking notes, as I can never seem to get it exactly right). I also love how the colour of your awesome boots works so well with the colour of the skirt. And I’ll never stop loving that trenchcoat, such a brilliant colour. Oh, and I like it with and without the scarf (without is more minimal, it’s fun to have options, isn’t it;-)

- Outfit 2: waving to my trouser twin. I saw these irl on you, and know how gorgeous they are on you (I like the sound of the extra length, hurrah for your very talented Mama). They look great with the red booties (you just gave me an idea: I’m going to try my trousers with my burgundy Sam Edelman booties:-), and I really like the pairing with the lilac colour. We need to find you a new lilac button-down, my friend. Oh, and that handbag was such an excellent find.

- The culottes outit is just WOW x 1000!!! SO perfect from head to toe. I am SO glad you bought them Sveta, and of course we will not tire of seeing you rock them:-)

- I hope you don’t mind, but I want to copy outfit 4 asap. Love how casually elegant the gilet looks paired with the turtleneck (such a fab colour on you). I like both rolls. And are those your new black booties, Sveta? They are stunning too.