You look so pretty, Sharan. I LOVE this look! And you look great with your hair up!

PS: The lace-up ankle boots are KILLER! I want them too!

Loved you in the up do&you nailed Linda's outfit your way!:-)

Great look! Your looks good worn up. I think it was really smart too as it allows more focus on the plaid shirt and animal print combo.

This is beyond brilliant, Sharan!!! Fantastic pattern mixing. The plaid top and biker boots give it a bit of a punk vibe, in my opinion, which juxtaposes brilliantly with the pearls, and then the animal patterned cardigan adds tons of playfulness. LOVE!!

(Love your hair up too!)

You look gorgeous and playful here, Sharan! I have been away for awhile, and when I opened this up, I immediately though, "Whoa! She has got Linda Rodin DOWN. That didn't take long!" FANTASTIC.

Thanks, everyone!
LynD, I pulled my hair into a ponytail (without an elastic) and twisted it, then secured the twist to my head with a barrette. I secured each side with a comb. It's the easiest thing for me to achieve that looks at least a little bit chic, to my eye. I just bought a big decorative clip, too, which is even easier than suing the barrette.

Inge, thanks for your comments. You have such a great way with descriptions. I like your comment about a punk vibe.

Viva, I'm excited that you thought of Linda Rodin right away.

Maneera, glad you like the new boots, too! The lace-up high-tops seem so popular right now, or at least there are a lot of them in the stores. I've already worn them!

I see maximal fun with this look and love your inspiration outfit.

Thanks FC I will try this soon

Love, love, love your inspiration...Linda Rodin... and you nailed it!

I love this look on you! Wow! It's one of my favorites on you and funny that you want to only wear it around the house. Get up and go out in this! Please!

Omg, probably my fave of yours ever now!!

Firstly, I must say I am a huge fan of plaid tees due to its versatility. I love wearing all year around. It helps me make easy casual summer outfit but I get stuck in mixing it with colder weather outfit. I see that you know how to make plaid tee perfect as mixing with leopard print, skinny jeans and
blackmoto boots. They go with each other so nicely. Really eye-catching!