To say that Frankenshoe adds outfit drama is, well, quite the understatement! In this outfit I chose to practically ignore Franke and wore my white cutout Converse on the opposite foot. DH bought me the white cutout Hi-Ness Cons for my birthday - I had already purchased the black and white Hi-Ness, but was happy to get these as they lace up the front with no tongue, meaning I can make them as wide or narrow as I need to when I can start wearing a shoe on my surgery foot. I chose to wear them with a red sock showing through as 1) it was cold this morning, and 2) for fun!

Here's the drama low-down:

Interesting footwear: See above!

Architectural and Avant-Garde Clothing: The pink blazer is tuxedo-esque and the polka dots are huge. I don't know if that fits in this category, but what the hey, I'm counting it as avant-garde.

Bold Colors and High Contrast: Pink, red, black, white. Check, check, check, check.

Bold Patterns: Big bold polka dots, yea! I'm also counting the red socks with the white cutout Cons in this category.

Irregular Juxtapositions: Uh, I'm wearing one white shoe and one black (surgery) shoe, and both with red socks. I think I can count that as styling items in unconventional ways

Oh yes, and my original inspiration for this outfit came from Angie's Valentine's Ensemble post. It's a combo I've been meaning to put together for a while. I'll have to try it again when I am able to wear both Cons!

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