Your orange pants and top look amazing together and accessorizing with white and blue is perfect, Love the new hair, beautiful cut and color.

Gorgeous new coat.

Thanks so much, everyone!

SW Ann and Xtabay, lovely that you bat for Team Orange too

bonnie, we have similar hair

Suz, OH! The taupe suit! Did we get the jacket at the Boston gathering? It's one of your most famous pieces. Do you still wear it? YES to taupe being earthy, and working with grey hair. You wear Queen Taupe!

My sandy taupe suit has a cream windowpane, which crisps up the earthiness and works well with my pearls.

Orange is a fab colour but so demanding! Bizarrely, it works brilliantly for all my Dutch friends

How are the trousers, is the material comfortable?

Ohmygoodness,lookhow much your hair has grown!Lovelyzingy outfit too to brighten a dull autumn day.

Fresh as a daisy! Fabulous texture on the new coat. Great addition to your wardrobe

Would it be wrong to say that your hair sort of matches Sam's fur? Regardless, you both are extremely photogenic! You are like a moving burst of sunshine. Also love the mix with the blue bag and wide strap. Coat fits like it was made for you. Thanks for posting!

Thanks so much, Nikki and Cardiff Girl!

Minaminu, the trousers are VERY comfy. Soft, warm, and like wearing sweats almost.

Jaime, YES! I am morphing into our doggies. Not a bad thing

You look gorgeous! I love column of color, especially a bright one. The orange with textures - wow, unexpected and super cute. Love the turquoise accents. Beautiful new coat!

Oh WOW... Amazing outfit. I'm kinda jealous that you can wear orange, haha you look gorgeous and I love your hair.

Angie, I got the whole suit there at the Boston gathering. It was on sale. I don't wear it a lot but love it every time I do wear it. I wore the jacket quite a bit on its own in earlier years. Will have to pull it out again!

Katerina and JP! You're back. What a treat

Suz, thanks for jogging my memory. SUCH a fun gathering. You've been challenged to wear your taupe suit!

YLF Angie, radiant and fresh as always! I ove your cheery column of dutch orange with the natural eccents-and the baby blue bag! My fall tote is exactly the same color and I lov it. .

My goodness, Angie, you look darling! The outfit is fab, and I'm particularly blown away by your hair. It's so different and flattering! What a fun change!

Wow, Angie. Bold and beautiful. Those specs are super fab.

Angie, this look is so perfect in every way! I’m from Florida and I love bright citrus-y colors. And can we talk about your hair?? You are absolutely fab!

I love it Angie!!!! Great textures and fabulous colours hun.Those trousers are divine!!!!!

Hugs,Paula B,XXX

Wow! Thank you all so much

Ginger and Mary Beth, that is high praise! Appreciate it.

Jenn, I think the light blue specs look better with my darker hair. Higher contrast.

Wow great outfit! Love it with your sassy hair!

Adding the white boots and coat is perfect.

I can see why you like brights, they work so well on you.

Fantastic! You look so cheerful! Sam is so cute! He likes your outfit too!

Thanks for your kind comments!

Such a jolt of fabulosity! It continues to amaze me that you can be in head to toe (okay, neck to ankle, lol) bright orange and have it look casually chic and so genuine to your style. Love the oatmeal topcoat and the burst of bright blue. Quintessential fall colors and textures!

Thanks, Jonesy! That's high praise - appreciate it - and know you miss the pattern in this outfit

Here's a pic I forgot to post of Jo and I looking down. Hilarious doggies....

It’s all working so beautifully and orange you glad this is your color‽

Thanks, Vicki! Lovely to see you chime in. YES! As a Dutch gal, orange is my colour