I love your style! Well done! You are dressed like a modern grown-up—basically my goal in life.

To answer your question, I love jewelry, so it's jewelry, always, but I wear almost no "precious" jewelry (maybe that's what you mean by serious?). I have lots of hand-me-downs from my Mom from the 60s and other vintage costume things but even they don't read as expensive, like a gold bib necklace that looks like tiny gold feathers. It adds serious drama to an evening look but does not look like I'm trying to be all Uptown Girl or anything.

Lesley, your jewelry sounds fun!
And Jess, I missed your jewelry question.
I generally wear fine jewelry in casual settings &’often mixed with cheapies and going out wear statement crystal pieces or resin ones.

Love the outfit and your joy about it.
I don’t have much “good” jewelry but my cocktail rings feel too fancy for everyday for me. I have a friend who wears her good stuff day or night.

I do wear jewelry every day. I like jewelry like most here like clothes. For me jewelry sparks joy, clothing I can count the joy sparking outfits on one, maybe two hands. For my life. Satisfaction is the clothing goal for me.

Something deeply calming about stating that so clearly. Has been a process to realize this.

Barbara Diane-
I completely relate to jewelry sparking more joy than clothes! Although, those spark it for me too.

Aren’t the culottes AMazInG??? I saw them and was like YES, I can die happy now. I’m sure they are intended to be much shorter- COS pants are always way too long on me- but I actually like them just fine at this length. Swishy!

I do take the subway/walk to the performance hall, so the low-heel boot is practical. Good idea to try the short coat, though, as this particular commute is mostly indoors in subway cars and underground walkways. No need for butt-warmth.

Suz, the hutongs are fun, aren’t they? We live in a plain modern apartment tower.

The performance was just incredible. So worth the effort of buying tickets in Chinese

You look great, those culottes are fab. Sparkle is so lacking in this workaday world is say wear it whenever you can....
As to jewelry, I tend to wear my fine jewelry only to work. The fine pieces are kind of understated/smallish/conservative items so they work well in that situation.
The rest of the time I’m costume jewelry all the way baby.