Today is the last day of my no-jeans challenge inspired by torontogirl. It was very instructive for me and I'll include a few conclusions at the end of this post.

  • For challenge outfit #4 (on photo #1), I chose light blue canvas trousers I usually only wear in spring and summer. I paired them with a beige patterned wool blazer over a plain light brown tee, and added a scarf for warmth. Rosegold hoop earrings, brown booties, brown bag, and I was ready for the day.

I did like this outfit, but was over-confident with the way it would work with our still-snowy weather. Fortunately I could commute by car and did not get out of the building for the day, otherwise the trousers would have ended rather dirty!

  • We are having a new snowfall today, and I'm working from home. To help maintaining a "work" state of mind, I decided to avoid spending the day in loungewear. For challenge outfit #5 (photos #2 and #3), I paired my olive trousers with a light pink floral cardigan I have never worn to my very masculine workplace. I re-used the scarf from yesterday's outfit and chose a darker brown tee. I added my army green bag and brown booties for the photo, but obviously don't need them at home.

I love both the pink cardigan and the olive trousers individually, but don't like the outfit. It feels rather frumpy, with too much volume overall, and a silhouette my grandpa could wear. It's OK for a day home, but for work I should rather pair the cardigan with sharper, darker, more fitted bottoms. And no scarf.
What do you think?

Challenge conclusions

Thanks to the challenge, I discovered that there is a life beyond dark-wash bootcut jeans! Much to my surprise, I managed to compose outfits without them. The weather did not allow me to wear dresses, which forced me to use all of my non-jeans trousers.

I also found out that my top capsule is dedicated to dark wash bootcuts. My other trousers are either wider, or lighter in color, or both, and don't work with the same tops. Jackets were OK though, but I definitely have to think of my non-jeans trousers when shopping for tops.

Last but not least, I learned that such challenges are a very efficient way of getting to know my wardrobe better. It forces to try new silhouettes and new color combos, and it's both fun and useful.

Thank you torontogirl for having launched this challenge, and thank you YLF for being such an inspiring corner of the internet!

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