YLF - fabulous jacket

Wow! The jacket is beautiful, and especially so on you! I also love the whole outfit. So glad you had a wonderful day and such a great shopping experience...

Perfection. And Angie-approved!

Beautiful jacket on you (and on Suz which I saw in person). I am still kicking myself for not trying it in the store so I can see for myself that it does not work for me and stop thinking "what if..."
I am so glad I got to see you and chat to you in Boston, you are truly fab!

...and wasn't this your new citron yellow KS pet from Boston as well? Go Team Wear!!!

The jacket looks really fantastic on you. It's got such a nice shape, and is a great length. I like the bag, too!

Gorgeous on you! It'll be a wonderful reminder of a fabulous weekend.

Gorgeous jacket! It looks fabulous on you.

The jacket looks great on you, giving you a curvy figure.

Perfection, this is a superb fit on you.

You two are so cute as style twins Congratulations on your beautiful jacket! It sure looks hourglassy even if you say you are not. I guess that is the beauty of great tailoring.

Viva, somehow I missed this before. Wow, the jacket looks fabulous on you! I love it looks with the cons and skinnies, too! Just stunning.

Viva that jacket gives you so much shape! I have a similar figure to you and Suz so maybe I should try it? What's your handbag? My coach one that I just bought is way too small!

Just perfect, you look fabulous

Love the jacket, and the casual styling here, complete with sneaks and a jazzy bag! It fits and flatters to perfection!