I don't know if it's maximal, but you look great in it!

Aw, thanks everyone! Serenely maximal is rather good! I am glad the look is not hectic. I don't think I will be wearing hectic maximalism (not intentionally anyway!).

Coco, I agree the jacket has a certain earthiness. You picked it too Unfrumped. That was part of the appeal for me.

Hopefully this jacket will be a good souvenir of retail therapy.

I love that jacket! I'm a big fan of those ethnic, geometric-type prints, but they never seem to work right on me. This works superbly on you, though. I hope you get a lot of wear out of it.

Totally get the retail therapy thing, too. At least you made a great choice, and it's hard to do too much damage at H&M, at least.

Thanks Jenn. I suspected we would be sympatico on the jacket :). And now I am getting so excited seeing all this velvet and embroidery and brocade around I will have to be extra careful about over indulging.

I love your jacket, it looks beautiful this way - but I can imagine it with white jeans and a white top for warmer weather. This is a great transitional piece and why I love spring clothing more than high summer, as it is much more versatile.