Perfect! Love the midi on you.

Good gracious ladies - you got me blushing here

Lantana - thank you so much for your visual breakdown of why the outfit works. I have to be honest though and admit I didn't put that much thought into it - I literally put the pieces on together and went "yeah, I like that" - lol!

Shedev - lemming away! This skirt is fab and you won't be disappointed.

Rae - I didn't think of that - the pattern is a bit reminiscent of acid wash. Cool!

Angie - oh my...thank you so much for the K2K rating! I would have to say that this length of skirt is probably now my favorite. Who knew???

Thank you all so much. I am feeling rather "spunky" today and I'm so grateful that my new workplace allows me to dress like me and express myself a bit with my style - within limits of course.

It's soooooo elegant on you, Shannon. Love that it's your fave. xo

I really like the length of the VC tube on you. Those skirts are magical, aren't they?! This entire outfit looks ultra fab and ultra modern. I'm also loving that denim jacket!

I love the taper and length of the skirt on you and the shoes are very flattering with it. You could wear some other booties that cut straight across the lower leg and I'm sure it would work, but I'm taking notes how flattering this outfit is as you have styled it.

Picking my mouth up off the floor. I might also borrow this look lovely for the weather here in Chi-town. So dark but, so light at the same time.

First off, that jacket is ridiculously awesome. Looks superb against the very elegant midi skirt, and otherwise pretty (and graphic) outfit. Totally love the BRIGHT yellow clutch with this, especially with the giant tassel. Such a fab look!


Looove this outfit not sure which part I'm the most enamoured with - hmm I think the skirt, hmm no the jacket - geez I don't know.

Ok, firstly I need to recover from the sandals. I want! No, forget that - I need these. Btw, do they mean it's finally warm in your corner of the planet?

I love the outfit. Great decision to buy the regular size skirt, if you ever tire of this length you have the option to shorten it later... actually, this could even be you future shopping strategy

I was going to say one of your best but they are all your best YLF TS really fab:)

Late to the party, but WOW that is gorgeous!! i just love that skirt, and the pop of yellow is amazing.

I love the shoes and midi together! Too bad they injured your foot and you can't wear them anymore.

I came here from your shoe post, and I'm so sorry the shoes hurt you. But. That is one FABULOUS outfit! I am so impressed.

What a super funky outfit. You look great. Will definitely keep this in mind for future outfit inspiration.