Not new - a few years old, actually.

And now you’ve planted the seed, I am thinking! Red sneaks for sure...

Maximal poses for the WIN. Happy for you and your killer new loot!

Jane, YES. Get red sneaks

Laura, as my '80s sister, I except to see you in more '80s proportions too!

Fun and dressy, just like you.
Great shirt!

Spectacular ensemble! You finally found red boots - yipee!! But the poses are the best! You are having too much fun and enjoying your wardrobe to the MAX (pun intended). Thanks as always for sharing and inspiring!

You are gracious - and funny

Angie, those glasses are fabulously bright and bring out your eyes ❤️

Ooh. I feel inspired!

I love how you have so much fun with fashion! Every piece is lovely and you are a fearless pattern mixer .....It all just works so well!

Adorable! The addition of the plaid jacket just sent the whole outfit into the stratosphere. Love it!

Oh my word! You are all so kind. Thank you