Totally delicious and playful, Angie! You are the master at putting together dynamic outfits--pattern, proportion. This is so pretty I can't stand it! Looking fab as always!!

So maximal- and your poses make me laugh! New wardrobe pet?

This is a master class in pattern-mixing! I adore those pants and how much fun are the shirt, jacket and red boots? Thanks for the intel and showing these items in action. Your outfits and modeling are a joy.

Just LOVE this - so perfect for early fall! Hair , jewellery (layered!) and accessories on point, as usual too. And as Donna says, Lisa, remember, different bodies can wear different things, don't get confused

Just a huge WOW all round!!-)
The pattern mixing, the longer length blazer, those amazing trousers, the stunning and cheerful booties, the shirt, your hair and jewellery = AMAZING!!

Those red boots and that plad jacket--WOW

Wow you look gorgeous, superior pattern mixing.

Cheerful and stylish. Love it all! Thanks for the inspo.

What a fun outfit! Also nice that you are getting to wear your new fall items already.

Oh my word, you’re all soooooo nice. THANK YOU for the awfully kind words. I’m blushing.

Cardiff Girl, Jane & kkards, I see red boots in your future.

Jenni NZ, a Kardashian attempt to showcase how the checks on my pants are perfectly matched

Lyn67, Preppier Pear, Inge, Bijou, Robin F and Kelly, you are very gracious.

Suntiger, wardrobe pets are bags - and it’s their. But no Sam this time. He was on guard downstairs. Much too busy to pose....

Lisa P, I knew you’d notice my layered necklaces!

You look amazing! Fun and fashion-forward. I envy your pattern mixing ability!

The pants are beautiful on you, the outfit is magical, great pattern mix, texture, so maximal. You look amazing Angie, enjoy you new outfit.

Master pattern mixer schools us all! You are adorable, Angie. I love those pants and would wear them if I only had the bod (and the life) for them. I always admire how perfectly your clothes fit you -- you make everything look like it was tailor-made just for you. You look marvelous!

Fabulously fab in every way. Your pattern mixing is inspiring...and the fit of each item is sublime.

Beautiful outfit all around - love the perfect fit of the pants and blouse on you, so fantastic!

I love this outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos that show the process of putting it together. I'm taking note of the perfect pant length for the fab boots.

Amazeballs!!! You've never looked better.

Angie, I'm so slow here (life intervening) but WOWZA!!!! You look absolutely spectacular in this adorable and fun outfit! LOVE the mix of plaids and really love the Boden pants. I think I'm going to need to order a pair. Only question is which colourway because I love them both! The pair you have with the mustard would be a nice complement to my new bag. But the pair with the fuchsia would make a sort of "suit" with my hot pink jacket!

This is so much fun with the mix of plaids, textures, the shine of the boots (cute!!!) and your specs. Also, your hair is gorgeous.

Wow--I love the red glasses (fun!) and boots together, your hair style, and that amazing plaid coat. Enjoy fall for me--I'm in Atlanta, where our seasons are "endless summer" and "oh no, there's ice on the roads and the world is ending!"

You look gorgeous Angie! This is my favourite of all your outfits I think. I love the silhouette, and the pattern mixing and the colours are just beautiful. Maximal perfection and so joyful.

What a great happy stylish look. I love love love those pants on you. And the blouse.

Great autumn look!!

Oh my goodness, I love them all, every piece, because they’re classic, they are modern, they’re fun and each displays the amazing personality you have. I’m so happy everything is working for you and the photos are stunning.

Gorgeous but also so darn cute ... made me laugh with some of those sassy poses .

THANK YOU, for the awfully kind compliments. My word. Quite unexpected!

Janet, that was a very gracious comment

Suz, get the pink stripe! I think you'll love them. The "mustard" stripe is more citron, actually.

What a fab and fun look! Your hair looks fab as well.

I love your pattern mixing. Totally fab!

All pieces together are really stunning, Angie. No one does red accents better than you! Your hair is beautiful, too.

Wow! What a stunning outfit! You look absolutely GORGEOUS! Janet was so right..."master pattern mixer schools us all". I am usually not crazy about maximalism, but pattern mixing like this totally changes my mind.

Thank you, ladies. I'm smiling, and loving my new stuff! I'm grateful and feel blessed.

Haha I meant the navy Furla! Not your 4 legged wardrobe pet