Wow Angie, I love all of these looks! I am also thinking a longer length denim skirt might be on my shopping list!

I absolutely love the watermelon with the skirt. That skirt is such a great spring/summer look. Sam is the cutest!
You look so happy and relaxed. Made my morning.
Congratulations on the vaccine!

WOW. Thank you all for the awfully kind words! I’m blushing and smiling. I hope that those who are interested in a denim skirt, find the perfect one.

Lisa P, you can absolutely wear your hair super short! Have you tried it? To answer your question, not a lot. I’m in hi-tops or sneakers most of the time. White and blush boots came out to play a few times though

Jenn, what a sweet thing to say, and high five to being vax samies!

Rachy and Liesbeth, YES to the Preppy and Sporty Luxe!

Gillian Pearl, super specific environmental norms are real, and the one you mentioned has come up before. Very interesting! We always have too listen to how we feel in an outfit….

Aquamarine, Sam says thank you, and happy jab day!

Slim Cat, that is high praise, and you very gracious. Go Team Easy Pixies! Yours is gorgeous.

N, Cardiff Girl, Sally, ChristelJ, Janet, Brooklyn, Elle, Star, thank you so much! I appreciate the compliments.

RoseandJoan, you made my day chiming in. Miss you! Hope you and the family are strong and safe.

Jenna, that’s sweet, and go Team ‘80s!

kkards, another awfully sweet thing to say, and thanks for the hair love!

Staysfit and Debbie, you’d rock denim skirts! Have fun finding them

So versatile!
Also living the short watermelon top.
I have been keeping my eye out for shorter shirttail hemmed tops. Usually I need MORE length in my shirts, because of long torso and small size. But a boxier short style can be a way to have a flattering short untucked top for higher rises, if that makes sense.

Love the skirt with the shorter toppers, red and citron.

I personally don't like denim skirt and I have not any, but I am impressed with your skirt. You look fabulous in every look. I love them all, absolutely gorgeous.
Congratulations on the vaccine!.

Unfrumped, YES to that shorter shirt tail top!

Cat2, short tops are a sure thing with skirts.

Mirjana, thanks for the always gracious words

That skirt is amazingly perfect for you. Congratulations on finding it!

Sarah, how NICE to see you chime in! Hope you and the family are safe and strong

happy dance for the vaccination! I love every one of these. So vibrant and playful--just like you. Denim skirts and I don't really get along so I will enjoy this on you!

Beauty! So impressed with the funnel neck sweatshirt. Just dressy enough.
Didn’t know g-star was a Dutch brand. I must check it out.
Lovely S&S top. The collar looks fantastic.

Angie, I think spring brings out the best in you! You rock that denim skirt like nobody else. Love how you've styled it, and made it work with things you already have.

I love your skirt with the yellow jacket. It’s so fresh and spring-like.

Every version is great. That skirt is so versatile and perfect for your wardrobe. Love the new tops, too.

Sam steals the show, as always. His super-wide eyes in #15 are ridiculously cute, I wonder what caused that expression.

Anyway, love all the looks with the skirt, thank you for the outfit lab. It is really hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to, it would be with the cream sweatshirt and citron peacoat.

So gorgeous and just the pop of energy and inspiration I need as I am getting my haircut this morning. Perhaps dramatically, we shall see .
Anyway, I absolutely love these combination. Special love for the Commes de Garcon button ups, which fit you to perfection. As if they were tailored with you in mind. Luckily I remembered that I do not have a long graceful neck among other things!
And to top it off, you and Sam are the ultimate, beautiful mutual admiration society!

I love these looks, and the colors made me feel happy looking at them!

Your palette immediately put me in mind of boats and water, and I think it’s because the colors seem similar to yachting flag colors.

And bright springtime bulbs - tulips and freesias.

SOOO glad you got the vaccination! Such fabulous news.

Angie, you look stunning and wow, I do love that pixie haircut. You have beautiful hair, so it is gorgeous longer, but the pixie highlights how absolutely beautiful your bone structure, eyes and skin are. Sam is the perfect double act and just as photogenic as his Mum.

30 photos of Angie living her best life and the biggest smile is plastered across my face. Love every single thing about you and your new jean skirt!

Oh, my word. You are all SO NICE. Thank you very much

Kelly, I’m sure you’d rock a denim skirt!

Smittie, G-Star and Scotch & Soda are Dutch! I hope you try out their stuff.

Xtabay, I LOVE Spring and Summer! Thanks for your gracious words.

JAileen and bonnie, you are lovely people, and you enrich this forum with your grace and confidence.

Tanya, YES! Sam steals the show! And I love that you mention that. I think you have a denim skirt too….

Jaime, that is extremely high praise. I’m excited about your new haircut! LOVE my Commes de Garcon Japanese shirts, They are indeed perfect for my style. The brand is on my radar. Good fit for me too.

Mary Beth, delightful palette associations. Water and Tulips, FTW!

Bijou, that’s soooo kind and generous. WOW. Many thanks.

Laura, you are a kind sweetheart! Hugs

You make your new denim skirt fun in all your outfit combinations. Sam makes them even more fun, of course .

Thanks, Joyce! It's lovely to see you chime in. Miss you around here

Angie, I'm late here, but wanted to pop in and say you look absolutely gorgeous. Love the skirt -- it's fabulous and versatile -- and love the beautiful spring outfits. How amazing it looks with the citron jacket! Eye poppingly fun! I love them all, though. Wearable looks and a nice spring update. Also, I love the pixie. You look great in any short hairstyle, that's my verdict.

Gosh, I hear you on the hair. Having polished and well groomed hair easily is addictive. I don't spend a lot of time on my hair, but when I have a shorter hairstyle and can just style it quickly after a workout and it looks great all day, is SO freeing, especially since I'm outdoors more in pandemic life and I hate my hair looking straggled and windblown. I do like you with slightly longer fringe but I say keep what you have for a while if it's working for you - it looks wonderful and sharp and chic! I plan to do the same when I can FINALLY have a haircut.

Suz, you are as kind and sweet as ever. Thank you!

Roxanna, thanks for the compliment. I hope you can get your hair cut soon! We've sooo had our fill of lockdown.....

Beautiful!! I've got such vaccine envy too

Gorgeous! I love a nice denim skirt. Sam is as dapper as ever too. And I’m with you on shorter hair being super easy to take care of, - I know my hair looks better a little longer, but the short length is just so easy and fuss free...

Where I was on Friday???-that used to be happy on it's own-so I don't mind at all missing this thread as now you made my Tuesday happy, today, LOL!!! Thank you Angie, these all are my kind of color pairings, complements and matches for some happy color blocked looks! Big LOVE!!

Congrats on the jab I like the skirt most with the fuzzy blue jacket but you have the best color complements!
*pets the fuzzy jacket*

Wonderful look! It feels very you, with the citron & mid wash but crisp denim. If they had one in a darker wash, I'd be all over it!