Looks good! The skirt can hold its own with the black leather accoutrements!

I don't think it's too much leather at all. I guess I have never been a fan of leather with leopard, but that's my personal hang-up. The silhouette and colors look amazing on you!

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YLF! love everything about this look!

Not too much leather at all. I love this, the textures are so rich and I daresay even warm. I think it's the leopard that makes the black leather seem much warmer toned than is normal. (Which is one reason why I'm obsessed with gold zipper boots, because I think gold hardware really makes black leather look warm as opposed to hard and cold. Both are good but sometimes you want warm, you know?)

More love here. I often worry about the too much leather question. I think it helps that you wear black so well.

You look incredible Shannon! Really pretty! Great texture and beautiful smile!

Love love love this! I want to copy it, except I have none of the items but the boots. Darn.

Rawr! I like this, and I don't think there is too much black or leather! If anything, I would like it better if the skirt had a black background rather than white. You look fun and classy.

I love this skirt and I think it breaks up the black perfectly. Not that I think you can every have too much black or too much leather lol. Stunning.

Super chic! You look awesome!

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. You have made my day

Diana - I agree totally about this particular leopard print being warm instead of cool. And it does relate to your gold zipper desire!

I have a leopard print cardigan with a black background and love it but I like that this skirt has a light background - gives a totally different vibe.

Black and white fabulosity!