I am cleaning out more backlogged outfits so I am almost back on track. These are the outfits from last week, a couple of which have already been posted separately (Friday's ensemble and Sunday's birthday dresses).

Per AG's suggestion, I am going to try and analyze if the pieces are essentials (E), statements (S) or regular, in between items (R). I am going to do this for clothing and shoes only. I am skipping bags, assuming those are mostly statements for me, and watches which I consider essentials. Scarves are an interesting category, I consider them all my essentials because I always have to wear them for neck covering purpose. The brighter/more pattered ones can be considered statements as well though.

The first five photos represent work outfits Monday though Friday.
#1, Mon, consists of white pleather moto jacket (E), taupe/cream sweater (R). BF jeans (E) and rose gold oxfords (S).
#2, Tue, shows a black chunky shell (R) worn over ink silk tunic (R), with black skinny jeans (E) and black booties (E).
#3, Wed, is taupe leather moto (E) worn over white button down shirt (E) and white fluid tee (E), with black pinstripe skinny jeans (R) and taupe wedge booties (E).
#4, Thu, is interesting because I consider all the items in it essentials: navy merino sweater ( the cobalt is on the inside but I folded it over for a little color), navy striped shirt, BF jeans and navy oxfords. I did not take a second photo but I wore white mot from #1 over everything. yet another essential.
#5, Fri ensemble, also has lots of essentials: grey cardi, grey tee and white jeans; but the silver booties are statement.

#6/7 was Fri dinner with a friend. I consider the burgundy cashmere turtleneck essential even though it is colored, as it is one of my colors. The cream trench is essential as well. The mixed media black skinnies are statement, while the black cutout booties are somewhere in between so I say a regular.

#8/9 was Saturday game night with friends, where I wore regular skinnies (E), chunky purple turtleneck (R), black moto short boots (R) and a navy/black peacoat (E). I consider the peacoat essential even though it is mixed media and has a bit more visual impact.

#10-#13 are two different birthday outfits (for brunch and dinner). I consider both dresses statements. The grey tweed moto is a regular item, while the charcoal knit moto is an essential.

I am curious to hear what you think of the analyses ( and outfits themselves, of course). Interestingly, there are three different pairs of black skinnies here in three different roles: simple ones from #2 are E, pinstripe pair from #4 is R and mixed media/zippered pair from #6/7 is S.

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