Long and winding. Apologies.

So another YLF aha moment (this one courtesy of Elizabeth P):

I finally realized (finally!) that I
wasn’t happy wearing cast-offs and gear 24/7 when I went to the mountain. I neither looked like my urban self, nor did
I look like the 20YO climbers and boarders up there. I think my clothes were helping make me feel old and worn

So, maybe it's time to purge the entire cabin capsule... not the gear, but everything else. Is this the next step toward embracing my casual lifestyle? Can I learn to just think casual and not location? Does this mean I am a real grown-up and I don't need playclothes?

Functional constraints: I don't have to gut fish (looking at you, Elly)-- just hike, walk dogs, ski, read, write, play board games; need to dress warmly, even in summer; no doing laundry; no closet (and tiny closet in old house). Boots and raingear stay there.

What would you take for 5 - 7 days in transitional weather?

Maybe 3 jeans/trousers/shorts, 7 tanks/tees, 2 sweaters, a hoodie, and a polarfleece? And the first three categories from my REGULAR casual wardrobe, right?

What prompted this realization:

  • #1: I only wear this Gap olive twill jacket in the summer at the cabin. It is the only olive topper I have, but these pictures suggest it isn't even JFE or current enough to keep. The cotton EF trous are my hot weather favorites, but only for really casual looks. Ancient Naot platinum sandals. Thrifted long slub tee. Vince Camuto white/snake bag (going to consignment next spring).
  • #2: Sub Lucky denim vest for olive jacket. JFE?? The vest works with a lot of things in my urban wardrobe. Not pictured, sub wine backpack for white bag.
  • #3: Bonus poodle pic

Looking for honest feedback and helpful planning tips. Purge the jacket? Replace the trous?

You’ll keep me honest, won’t you?

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