Your outfit is fantastic--I love those pants!

Beautiful ! I like this a lot.

Thank you Sarah and Sisi.


MUCH BETTER in this size.


Have them altered and shorted and enjoy your beautiful new trousers.

Thank you Angie! No I will not put them in the dryer. Actually I don't put any of my clothes in the dryer. I hang everything up.

Thank you Brooklyn!

They look great. I'm impressed you persevered for the right size. Do you always do this, hold out? Or is it because these are an investment piece? I'm trying to be pickier about fit.

Wonderful! They are just as fab as we all anticipated, and I love your companion pieces and accessories!
Yay for holding out for perfection!

Kerry I am working on building a small investment wardrobe so I am forcing myself to be patient. It is not easy for me. And online shopping is all new to me. I am learning more all the time. We are retired and travel for long periods. I want to have a few pieces of clothing that really work for me. This is what I tell myself so that I can hold out.
There is a long dramatic story about my Trippin Combat boots and getting the right size. I am very grateful that my DH was so understanding.
Thank you Ryce! Yeah for teamwork.