Joy was rounding rounding out the Challenge with gray, I am rounding out the challenge by leaning in on one of my style personas.

Even before Angie posted this week on combining style person personas I had decided that this week I was going to lean into my preppie side.

There’s been a lot of conversation in the past on what is preppie - for me growing up in New England in the late 70s early 80s in a town that had one of the oldest prep schools in the country, and then later at my small New England College, my take on preppie is based on what those New England prep school and college students were wearing. Back in my high school days i would often dress full out preppy one day and more disco the next, and maybe a little Charlies Angels one day...yes i was a little, ok maybe a lot, all over the place, but hey it was high school. In college, the preppie persona definitely came out more and more. Then as i entered the workforce, it was Dress for Success, with a little bit of preppie, with some trendy stuff layered on. (Looking back now, i can see that Dress for Success and preppie had a lot in common and came from a similar place). I feel like in the past couple of years I’ve started to master how to layer trendy, fashion forward(ish) and preppy into a closet that actually works together and every once in a while, i actually get them, successfully into the same outfit.

Anyway, here’s what i wore this week, with a heavy emphasis on the preppy, and maybe just a smidge of the trendy

Monday —Fair isle and penny loafers... wore my Levi’s because they were the jeans of choice in high school and college. Although back in the day, these would have been patched instead of holey...and the collared shirt, because nothing says preppy to me as layers, and a button up was 100% part of my look back then.

Tuesday —ok i didn’t wear the Bean boots in the house, but i just had to for the picture. Flannel shirt, this one is wool, just reads NE prep

Wednesday-plaid, basic jeans and old school Nikes with again a button down...

Thursday-there is something about a toggle that just feels preppie to me, probably the nautical association..and loafers (these are more fashion than preppie but still). I was going to wear a twinset it wasn’t warm enough...maybe will try this challenge again in spring.

Friday —boiled wool sweater/blazer...boiled wool is just so preppie, i so wanted an alpine jacket (example in the last photo) when i was in college but they were so out of my price range...the fleece pants are a throwback to my college days, and the Tretorn’s were another thing i coveted back then, in high school and college the sneakers would have been Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike’s, maybe Converse . (In the next town over to mine there was a shoe company that bought seconds and thirds and repaired and resold them, so premium sneakers where with in reach, price wise, as long as you didn’t mind some blemishes)

Sorry this was long and rambling

Thanks for looking. As always all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated

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