Yes, aperfect formula! Big love! I do it often form myself, too! In fact, is the only way I wear my wehite jeans nowaday:-)

Fun! I rather like the addition of the muddy shades in the tee/shoes, it's an interesting way to add some visual texture while keeping the look fairly graphic.

Greg looked spectacular in his white jeans, didn't he! and I am tickled pink (and blushing profoundly) that you loved my cocktail party outfit, Denise, thank you so much for the very sweet words.

Your version of this black and white look shows how creative you are, and that you have such an excellent eye for detail and colour. LOVE this outfit! The colour of the XL daisy print that echoes the colour of the oxfords is such a brilliant touch. The slightly muddier tones add outfit depth, while the white jeans and black tee background keep things crisp and graphic. The large print and high-low hemline of the tee also add a playful element, which I adore.

You are an extremely stylish lady, Denise, and you bet I was taking notes while admiring all your gorgeous SSIF outfits.

I am honored to have inspired an outfit, but I feel completely outclassed by the result.

Greg is an inspiration in many ways, and so are you, Denise. I vote both outfits K-Word worthy. xo

Of course, you both had me with the white jeans. xo

I love inspiration from other fabbers! Inge and Greg have helped you put together a real winning combination. Fits and silhouette are spot on, and the overall effect is fashionable, but also legitimately lovely and fun!

P.S. I missed daisies when I lived in SoCal. Do they grow out in your area?