Today, I don't even have a video meeting but I still felt like wearing real clothes. I guess I miss looking cute!

I was sorting clothes and was inspired by this BR top, and decided after seeing Angie's most recent outfit to wear a skirt! Of course, it's on the cooler side today so I will change to jeans for my daily walk in the park. (Hosiery is a bit to much for me right now--I am not wanting anything tight while I work at home.)

I've also documented a few more outfits here and there. Excuse the terrible bathroom mirror, as always. I hope to find a new home as soon as lockdown is over and spare you all this view

I don't seem to have any pictures, but my main accessory at home has been headbands. Great for taming my hair for video conferencing. I am fortunate, in that my hair will just grow out and look pretty nice without any awkward stages. The ends will get straggly to my eye eventually, which I hate, but what can ya do? I also got some new Born slip-ons as house shoes.

ETA - a slightly more typical outfit with the Born slip ons and rose gold headband.

Updates: I am lurking here a bit and commenting sometimes. Still not feeling super chatty, but I am following along! Things in NYC are horrifying but we are starting to turn a corner. My husband and I haven't gotten sick, nor has anyone very close to us--we also have our jobs. (I even got my annual raise.) We are VERY fortunate and cognizant of that fact. I am trying to focus on that, and on my work--you'd think I have less, but I have more and am slaying it right now, frankly. I am taking on increasing managerial responsibilities and thriving. I am trying to focus on my health and fitness, too--I have mild asthma related to allergies so my best shot during these times is to stay home and to also keep my immunity up. My allergies are running riot since I haven't had my monthly shots, so I may need to explore venturing out to do that soon.

Anyway, I hope you all are well and keeping safe. xoxo

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