Great looks! I like the patterned belt with your ink ensemble. The lilac coat is such a beautiful color.

Fantastic Suz., I do love the lilac coat too!

Tell me more about the rain coat/field jacket - do you have a link ?

If a uniform works, stick with it! My go to for client meetings, when I don't have to dress up formally, is a black blazer and jeans and boots. The black keeps it dressy, the jeans and boots are comfy and a nod to casual. The lilac coat is lovely on you. And yay to making the maximum trend work for YOUR style.

You look very well in the ink uniform and in the the lilac coat ! Fab as always.

Ooh la la, Suz! You sure know how to handle cold weather stylishly. Brava!

INDEED, Suz. Do you have denim AND wool culottes?