DH is also home sick with a lousy cold - hope you feel better soon Suz. I love the cropped sweater as an alternative silhouette for you, the long sweater remains terrific and great nab on the cat top!

I am hitting the 'Like' button to Angie's post :). You look sensational being at home sick! Wow! I like the new cropped sweater. Would look lovely with skirts. Get well soon

Wait a minute....... you bought toil sweatpants? Hee. I have to see those!

You look amazing, and not sick at all, in every outfit. #3 is my favorite. I think it's the combo of long over short, and the playful print agaiinst the cool, sophisticated grey.

Gorgeous! I wish I could look that good while sick. I'm a huge fan of gray so those outfits are right up my alley.

These are all fab!

I want to see the cheetah sweater with the toile sweatpants!

Mary, you are on! I also plan to wear the toile sweatshirt with the striped skirt. Big fun! (considering it's all grey, that is...)

Oh I love the top in #1! It looks good with the silver belt, and would also look good with a shirt layered under. I'd love to get the sweatpants in the same pattern, but with a 28" inseam they would be too short. That seems like an awfully short inseam, even for non-tall gals.

You did really well dressing while you were sick! I shamefully admit that I wore my favorite comfy sweatpants and tees the entire time I was ill, even to go to the doctor's office (hangs head in shame).

Hope you are feeling better today

You have a quite a capsule going on here. I love these prints in grey/white/black. You wear grey so well. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lovely, Suz, the greys with silver are great. FWIW, I like the leggings, they work well with the long cardi. And I love the layering with the cropped sweater. Get better soon xo.

Sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather Suz. Isn't it coming up on a week you've been ill?

But... you look ah-mazing! I'm another one who hangs out in Lulu's and tee's when sick. Getting dressed would NOT happen. But it's interesting that you chose all grey for your "sick outfits", a very calming comforting colour. And you're collecting some great pieces... I bet you'll find this winter less boring than you seem to be anticipating.

PS. I wanna see you in head to toe patterned sweats

Sorry your still sick but you look amazing in your outfits! I'm taking special note of your leggings...and they are on sale! Feel better soon!

It should be illegal to look so good when one is sick! I love the toille sweatshirt and you were so sweet to help everyone out and take more modelling pics so others could find their correct size. That's just like you, Suz. Hope you're feeling better today.

Oh, love the purloined cheetah.
And toile sweatpants--who'dathunk? I could get into that.
I'm sorry to hear you're sick! 3 days is too long. Feel better soon.

You look really good in cropped and BF styles both. I having sideline envy because those are not working on my long torso.
The grays are working well for you, and I love the color added in the scarf. I'm still enjoying shades of gray but am learning to look for "enlightening" features.
For example, I was certain that charcoal was one of "my" grays but it's too dark. I can take more silvery tones than I thought. Or, some kind of sheen in the fabrication.