Over the last month I was lucky enough to be part of four different YLF meetups! Trying to settle on an outfit for one is hard enough, especially if shopping is in order; I like to dress much more simply for shopping, hair down, and always with pants -- all of which limit how clever an outfit can be -- and of course, there will be lots of walking. This used to be a tall order for me but, between having been to several meetups so I know what to expect and working hard to convert the bulk of my shoes to walking shoes over the past two years, I was happy with all of the outfits I came up with. And I was so thrilled to be able to meet so many forum members

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Seattle Meetup (brunch + shopping downtown)
Considerations: Shopping, lots of (fast paced) walking, possibility of rain.
This outfit started with the shoes (good for walking) and jeans (a requirement for clothes shopping). Chose the breezy linen baseball tee because it would help keep me cool while I dashed around the shops. Semi-tucked with a white perforated belt to play up the sporty vibe, and accessorized with lots of gold (earrings, rings, clutch) and cherry pink lip gloss.

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Hanging out with Diana, then dinner with Anna and Jenava
Considerations: Lots of walking, spending time outside on a very hot day.
The temperature was the primary driving force behind this. Initially I had an outfit planned similar to this one, but changed my mind that morning and instead went with a hybrid of these two [1 | 2] outfits. And we did end up spending nearly the entire day outside so I was sooooo glad to have gone with loose, breezy, and lots of skin! Without any shopping planned, I put my hair up and did the front extra big especially for Anna ^^ Better-than-nude lip balm so that I wouldn't have to worry about reapplying often.

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Meeting Shevia (coffee + Pike Place/waterfront stroll)
Considerations: Moderate amount of walking.
Jaime and I hadn't finalized our plans and would only have a couple hours, so I decided to wear something slouchy and texture rich in honor of her fabulous style -- a breezy open-weave sweater and linen pants for slouch, and silver belt and shoes for structure. It was a delight to see her walk into the coffee shop where we met donning the same shoes! Styled my hair extra soft and curly, and accessorized with mixed metals (gold earrings, silver fox ring, rose gold watch) along with a swipe of sheer red lip color to keep the whole look from being too sandy.

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Seattle Mini-Meetup (breakfast + shopping downtown)
Considerations: Shopping, lots of (fast paced) walking.
I wasn't feeling my best this day, but a cute outfit can sure help. So can giant gold hoops ^^ This one was actually a lot more unstructured feeling than I expected, and it took me a while to adjust to the feeling; I think it's the pants, after wearing them a few more times since then. It ended up being a bit too warm for the day, and I'm sure I surprised some of the gals by wearing flats

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