You look amazing I love your dress and your hair and makeup are beautiful. Congratulations to you both.

CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Your dress is beautiful and the colour of the hat is gorgeous with your hair and makeup. I love the feather boutonnière. You're a FABulous-looking couple!

Congratulations! Wishing you both much joy going forward.

Congratulations!!! And I'm so glad it all worked out great, and you could enjoy your special day together. Your romantic dress is stunning, and so is your make-up and hat. I love the colour and texture of your husband's suit, and the green accessories are so fab with it!

Beautiful bride! Debonair groom! Congratulations to you both!

Congratulations! You look stunning and happy and I wish you a wonderful marriage!!

Gorgeous dress! You look so beautiful!

Congratulations! You both look amazing! You are gorgeous and I love that hat on you.

Congratulations, you look so beautiful. Mr. Chewy Spaghetti also looks fabulous. I love the hats.

You both look gorgeous and I hope the day went really well in the end- and have a great honeymoon!

You both look so happy, & that hat looks great with that dress. Enjoy your newlywed bliss!

Congratulations!! You look radiant and your dress is lovely, especially with the belt and hat additions.

You look very "Lady of the Canyon" in the most radiant way possible! Great to see you here and happy, Khris.

Congratulations to the lovely happy couple!
Your dress and whole ensemble is just beautifully romantic for your day.

Wow! Congratulations! You look wonderful!

Lovely! Congrats!

Congratulations! Gorgeous all around.

Just perfect! What a beautiful pair!!

Kris, you both look amazing, it's so lovely to see your style so well reflected in your wedding look. I wish you both every happiness.

Congratulations! You both look thrilled and amazing.

Congratulations!so glad that it all went well in the end.

BEAUTIFUL! Congrats and best wishes!

Thank you so much everyone!!!

YLF Chewy, the dress and make-up, all gorgeous- I just couldn't imagine that dark hat in a bride's outfit but it is beyond all my expectation, really! You both look glamorous-congrats on your big day!

You both look great; wishing you every happiness. That dress is magical.

Congratulations! I love your dress! Wishing you much happiness.

Congratulations! You look lovely. Best wishes.