@tammyw Glad I could help, can’t wait to see what you come up with

i started a separate post for mine
fun seeing everyone take on denim.

Interesting that there are garden centres selling new plants outdoors at this time of year. Or was that photo not taken recently? It looks markedly different from some of the others you have posted too....wondering if the pictures are of the same person...

@lisap Yes garden centers sell plants for Fall outside, I was at Lowes and it’s me. It looks different because it’s not me taking a selfie in front of a mirror where I’m too tall

Here's a few from last year. The last pair was custom embroidered for me
Eta-love that scarf Nemosmom!

@suntiger Cute outfits and I love that Lily embroidery!

I’m so happy to see so many members doing this challenge and all the wonderful outfits they’ve put together ❤️

Another jean outfit for a cold fall day, all shades of olive, including the dark olive Rag and Bone jeans from 2018 NAS. The leaf necklace was my mother’s. The sweater is Vince and the jacket is an old EF piece which may be too light for this outfit, but I needed the extra warmth. I ended up wearing Merrill hiking boots out for ice and snow.

@Joy I like the combination of light and dark for your outfit, and your Moms leaf necklace is so pretty and perfect for Fall!