I’m celebrating Angie’s birthday early (along with other Australians and New Zealanders) because it’s Thursday night here already.

In honour of Angie I put together an outfit that is true to my style but which has elements that I think Angie particularly enjoys:

*Midi skirt. With swish of course.
*Pleats. The skirt has micro pleats that sit very flat on the hips. I believe Angie suggested that flat micro pleats are a good choice for curvy pleat-phobic gals like me. Right again.
*Lots of colour. Well, by my standards. I know Angie likes colour.

I wore this for lunch and a walk outdoors today. Sydney put on a lovely day for Angie’s birthday.

Happy birthday Angie! From my family to yours - we hope you have a wonderful day together. And enjoy your virtual party on the forum! I’m looking forward to seeing what the other guests are wearing.