Thank you, Violett, Brooklyn, Staysfit, Lyn, Sisi, Zibbets, and Sara.
Sara, you have some fabulous dresses; I hope to see what you come up with for your party.

Stunning dress! So festive and luxe. I'm with Suz, you look royal.

Amazing festive look, you are really beautiful, everything is perfect as usual. I am also with Suz, you look royal.

Thank you, Barbara, harmonica, and Mirjana!

Barbara, I'm happy to have finished it in time to wear it this season. Buying the fabric and making the garment within a month is pretty unusual for me!

Purple. Velvet. Dress. It's absolutely regal!

Your hair looks gorgeous too.

Gorgeous! I've bee making instead of buying my clothes this past year and I have yet to sew with velvet. Your dress looks absolutely perfect.

The dress is fab! I love the colour and your bigger necklace and bling bag are perfect complements.

This is absolutely stunning and reminds me why I love velvet so much. When done well, it really is such a statement - and is wonderful to wear.


You, your talents, and your fashion sense are amazing! I click eagerly with every post--and this one demonstrates why! Just superb!

Fabulous! Love the style of that dress for you and his you modified it. The whole outfit has just the right combination of dressy and relaxed- effortless look.

Thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm looking forward to wearing the dress again next week!

OH! Purple! Velvet!

That dress is so good! Purple is the color of royalty, and you have given it the royal treatment. Well done.