I hope you gals don't mind indulging me with a photo-heavy post so I can get these outfits in my YLF blog These are my favorite work outfits from April and May, excluding this week which I'll (hopefully) post tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have time to do up my usual editing and collages, so I'm just including an image or two per outfit; please pardon the color/contrast inconsistencies and occasional wind-related blurriness.

Not going to write about each look, but here's a quick rundown of "newer" (SS15, FW14) items. I've also put these Finds, and anything still available, first:

  • Red printed hi-low tank (SS15)
  • Rose gold sparkle sweater (SS15)
  • Faux-leather capris (SS15, wildcard and totally love 'em)
  • Black pleated trousers (SS15, gift from the lovely Claire)
  • Blue watercolor dress (SS15)
  • Dalmatian pointy flats (SS15)
  • Navy floral sweater (FW14)
  • Dark plaid skinnies (FW14, from Suz though YLF this season)
  • Cream block-heeled booties (FW14)
  • Leo clutch (FW14)

Everything else is older, and actually a pretty good representation of the all-season items that are currently in my wardrobe. Even though these outfits are all prior to my recent closet edit, everything here remains in my wardrobe -- probably a big factor for why these looks were faves. I'd basically been wearing items from the edited section already, but having the excess cleaned up helps quite a bit! I've been repeating a lot more (for those who know me, that's a big shift), both entire and partial outfits; several of these have been worn a couple times now. (#3, 6, 12, 14, and 17 were in the running to wear to the meetup if the actual outfit I wore didn't work out.)

I've also been strict with myself about keeping in mind my findings on Collection ROG Aida and where my style is headed and, coupled with the closet edit, I've since been feeling much happier with my outfits.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT to future selves: I've since added a "header" photo so these are
easy for me to spot when searching for outfits; so don't forget that
all number references are shifted by one!

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