Thank you for your kind words, everyone! I stumbled on this scarf at the beginning of the summer but didn't get to wear it until now because it is wool. Now I am wearing it all the time.

Love the fall colors, and that scarf is gorgeous. You're making me yearn even more for jacket weather! You make casual look totally fab.

Janet, we are back to summer weather. Extremely hot and humid. Hard to do much of anything outside.

What a great outfit, and a beautiful day to wear it! You are looking as fab as ever!

Gosh, thank you, everyone! I need to post more WIWs. All these positive comments are making me feel so much better about myself.

You look amazing, Style Fan. Your best colours in the perfect environment! I love the pop of white here.

Thank you, Suz. I have started wearing light coloured tops (ivory, cream, etc.) more often.