I was determined to wear this shirt, and planned to pair it with black ankle pants. But when push came to shove I just couldn't put on those black pants. What to wear instead? White jeans? No. Cobalt jeans? No. Burgundy jeans? No. It took me a while to get to--just plain jeans!

We are allowed to wear jeans, but I like to look professional. Suddenly I realized that if I did a sort of retro dressed up jeans look, that would look professional in my environment! Complete with "gangster bling" as a former colleague called this combination of bracelets. I didn't have a shoe audition because I knew which would win.

I think I'm slowly figuring out how to dress for work. The vibe there is very casual, but I like to keep a level of polish and professionalism. Plus I like to acknowledge "LA Style" which, though I can't define it yet, is definitely a sort of lingua franca here--mixing ease, sophistication, and the counter-culture.

I like to keep these jeans for special so I changed after work. The part about this dog walking outfit that makes me happy--besides the olive pants which I want to wear every day--is how the brown belt matches the brown doggie-essential bag which matches the cork on my Birkenstocks! And my hair, I suppose.

The heels and khakis are Angie picks. The jeans and suit jacket are Rae's. I picked out the belt, shirt, Birks, little crossbody bag, and tee!

Let me know how you're doing with adapting sartorially to a different environment....

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