The close up of the embroidery is wonderful - so professional! Technical question - how do you embroider over the outseam with it being flat? Just carefully? or is there a special technique? Or does the machine handle embroidering "sideways" if that makes sense? I feel craftiness coming on and my family knows to take cover when that happens.

Thanks, everyone! What an overwhelming response!
Karie, I'd like to see your embroidery on your purse. That sounds challenging.
Thank you, Angie and Shevia, for the hair compliments, too.
Karen, unless you have a free-arm embroidery machine (which I don't), you have to rip open the inseams of the pants to lay the legs flat and embroider on them. And then sew them back up when you're done. The stitching won't look quite the same, because I don't know how you'd topstitch the inseam, once the outseams are sewn (and embroidered over) already.

JAileen, maybe you tried the wrong color in this cardi? I'm imagining the style would work well for you. I wear it often with the front just hanging open.

Dang that is just lovely. I hopeyou do more. Maybe on a jacket. How great to have suck talent.

I want to kick myself! I wish my Pfaff had embroidery functions! LOL! I only quilt with mine.......

Fantastic!! love, love, love the thread choices! You are so talented and lovely in these!

Really beautiful embroidery, Sharan.

Staysfit-- "only quilt"-- ha hahahaha! (Only meticulously manipulate tiny bits of fabric into massive sized works of art. . . .)

Ledonna, yes, I would like to try doing a jacket!

This is great! How does your speed with the machine compare to doing it by hand? I imagine the contemplative part of the craft vanishes?

I have a beautiful embroidered blouse that has special memories for me. Unfortunately, it also has a rip. I've thought of trying to creatively repair the rip by extending the embroidery. If I start practicing now, I could give everyone dishtowels for Christmas, and maybe wear the blouse in the spring, lol

The embroidery is beautiful. And the shorts don't look tight.

fashiontern, the machine embroiders far faster than I could do it by hand. But yes, it's a completely different pursuit. Watching the machine embroider can be mesmerizing, and it can be boring. Sometimes I do crossword puzzles while I'm babysitting the machine.

thanks, Laura.